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Formed by a pair of brothers

Formed by a pair of brothers, veterans, after a desire to rekindle their lives, Grave Next Door is a Grand Rapids, Michigan stoner metal band with ambitions to take on the world. With a name inspired by childhood trips to the cemetery, the band fuses the sounds of acts like Black Sabbath and The Melvins with more unorthodox influences including The Moody Blues and Cream, in order to crave something truly unique. It’s rare to find a band so fueled by brotherly love, yet Grave Next Door’s somber odes to mortality reflect transcendent bonds. 

From Rural Hyperborean Home

From their rural hyperborean home, these doom merchants crave music that reflects on our own mortality, fighting the darkness that lives within each one of us. The band build on their shared experience as veterans, but also in the trenches of every day American life. Longtime die-hards in the DIY American rock scene, the band has garnered friends in high places. In fact, early on they were known for jamming with Smashing Pumpkins bassist D’arcy Wretzky, who will in fact be featured on their upcoming releases. 

Goals to become road warriors

With the goal of becoming road warriors, Grave Next Door have started tackling shows around the region. As they look to the future they eagerly anticipate the Halloween release of their upcoming split with fellow riffers, Pyre Fyre as well as an upcoming EP. It’s all part of a slow build to conquer America and then the world. Coming from a place of darkness where only sheer grit can carry you through, Grave Next Door are intimately familiar with what lies at the end. The only question is, will you embrace it with them? 

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